Moving - Nov.21-14

For those of you who have followed me at Integral Living I thank you for your interest and for the comments you have made along the way.

As my wife and I finished up our first book the book decided to take a different path to making a difference. Originally the working title was The 12 Steps of Integral Living and our intent was to invite people into a quest for purpose with a global perspective. However as we started working on the final draft it became clear that unless people with a desire to live integrally and make a difference lead from the inside out very little will really change.

Cheryl and I have been providing Leadership and Life Coaching for many years through Eagle Tree Leadership. Cheryl Lester is a skilled leadership coach and together we have led workshops and worked with leadership teams from around the globe. I have recommitted to deepening my understanding of the leadership challenge with a special emphasis on inner awareness and self-leadership. Our book, which we hope to complete in early 2015 has a working title of The 12 Steps of Self-Leadership.

I will continue to blog at Eagle Tree Leadership. Please visit me there as we continue to share and blog about Self- and Other-leadership.


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