Integral Living is an invitation to be fully present in life, work, and relationships through intentional practices that increase awareness, authenticity, fulfilment, and effectiveness.

DSC08266Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing,
there is a field. I’ll meet you there.

When the soul lies down in that grass
the world is too full to talk about.


What does it mean to live integrally?

Inspiring Awareness:

Through knowing your personality type, your strengths, and weaknesses, your innate gifts, the style of living that gives you most joy, understanding your needs and desires, knowing those things that give you bliss, knowing when you are overwhelmed, being aware of and able to name your inner weather creates a flow and vibrancy in your life.  When you live in inspiring awareness you know who you are and your glow gives others permission to live authentic and integrated lives. You shine.

Engaging Relationships:

Through developing relationship  skills and practices that connect you powerfully with natural sources of energy in nature and the metaphysical realm you no longer pull energy from others and constantly get caught up in ego games, drama, and mixed messages. With a  right relationship with self and the kosmos you are free to engage in wholesome empowering relationships that engage and enrich everyone around you.

Transforming Practices:

Having daily practices that centre, refresh, strengthen, and renew you are constantly shifting you state and over time moving to new stages of maturity and effectiveness. You become more resilient and able to nimbly navigate life with style and poise. You have observable competency in fulfilling commitments. Your life and work practices transform the spaces around you and you energize and transform the people and places you interact with.

DSCN6973That’s it. We are inviting you to live large. Not in a selfish me first way, but in an embrace the moment, laugh out loud, cry when you’re sad, dance every day, be the change , shine your light, embrace change, love your neighbour, authentic way.

So come on. Start living a more integral life. Commit to a shift in practices, relationship and awareness. Join the integral quest. Open yourself to more. Follow the path. Take the steps.

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